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Friday, October 24, 2003

Tee hee. Thinking of a Halloween theme, though I have an ugly aquarian merlady and a deformed temptress in the works.
I've never put hair on my men anywhere else other than the head and eyebrows before. before. Usually I had trouble with them but this time I don't. Yay!

vampire-ram (122k image)

 Midori posted this at 08:31 PM [Link] [5 comments]


I didn't like Ritz's outfit that much so I made up my own for her...I think I overdone her with age and it makes me think that she's Agrias....

ritz (83k image)

 Midori posted this at 08:28 PM [Link] [5 comments]


I like Amano's version of Yuna in his concept arts for FFX. Decided to give it a shot to draw her.

longhair-yuna (71k image)

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