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Saturday, July 19, 2003

This is one is a parody picture of Suikoden's Nash Latjke. Reminds me of Ranma and the girls who are after him LOL

Nash's wife is...? (34k)

I'll put the details up when I'm done.

And here's this one of the Rei-Lilith drawing that I've been dreading to finish now. It's not done yet. EVA UNIT-00 is a pain in the arse to draw and even color.

Part Rei, Part Lilith(45k)

Started painting this at 2am and finished at 6.15 am...just to finish a bit of the background and EVA 00!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargghh!!! I still need to fix it a bit. His helmet is a bit off.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Finally got to scan the 2 Rei-Liliths sketches before I totally forget about them.

The Rei-Lilith on the right just looks....old XD. The other one is much better but I think that pose is a very common one for a Rei-Llilith fanart.


I did this some time ago. I had the urge to paint something...anything so I didn't bother making any drafts or lines to guide me so the girl looks funny. I do like the sky and the wings.
Click here to view a closeup

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