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Thursday, February 26, 2004

splash (22k image)

Created this doodle for fun...used as a splah image

 Midori posted this at 10:08 PM [Link] [2 comments]


pixie (31k image)

Random faerie girl...the exact opposite of the Male Faerie I did later on.

 Midori posted this at 10:07 PM [Link] [Add a comment]


P8doodle2 (25k image)

More fooling around with Painter 8.

 Midori posted this at 10:04 PM [Link] [Add a comment]


P8doodle (28k image)

Tested out Painter 8....soo many tools to explore @o@
This is done with Oils

 Midori posted this at 10:04 PM [Link] [Add a comment]

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