Chadrick the muscle head
Chinese watercolours, coloured pencils, oil pastels
He doesn't look like a musclehead...but the name I've chosen for him are related to it.
Ref: Chadrick = Mighty Warrior, Marcellus = From Mars, the god of war--martial, warlike.
This is done for the final art contest in FF:WA, where you'll have to create your FF-based character...I don't think I've done a good job whipping up a good one like Thea Dana or Reverie.
I base this character off from FFT and his job would be *drum roll* Devine Monk. A pretty crappy job title I gave him =P *rolls over the floor*

The colouring was rushed. I didn't feel like working on the background...let alone just adding a color to it ^_^;;
But it still turned out pretty good I guess. I aimed for the muscles to look real enough to make him look pretty macho and it turned out better than I expected XD
His jacket/vest is armor plated and is wearing a fishnet shirt...lol
That thingy on his tummy protector is actually a Tiger's Eye but it ended looking like an emblem instead...

Weapon: Three-piece rod
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