Back view
Tanya in the clothes I designed | Pencil | 60.4 kb

New character, new clothing design
There's no real significance in the meaning of her name...
I just choose the first word that popped out =P

Her sorta mutated *finds the right word*
The dragon-like bumps are actually crystals with some liquid that grew out of her skin.
In battle she would command them to turn to a weapon she chooses
It'll be open up to 4 sections (like how you cut open an orange), spread out,
And the liquid will flow out to form the weapon she chooses. (still connected to the skin)

I'll let my fantasy stop here. I was just aiming for the clothing =P
Somehow, I forgot to add a sweater/jacket tied around her waist ><
THe back view is a very rough sketch.....but I think it would give you the general idea how the back looks like
(I'm planning for more crisscross ribbons....)