Wandering spirit in the depths of a forest
Postercolour, charcoal | 108.4 kb

This painting is a replacement for the other waterfall picture that I ruined.....¬_¬
Looks ok.....went quite alright
there are some shiny parts (like the top left) Those are black paints that failed to dry completely (i didnt add any water to the black paint...) so the scanner ended up scanning it in a weird way
even customising it in photoshop ruins it so i left it the way it is...*should learn more tricks with the shitty scanner of hers ><*

Charcoal (a white colour one) was added for the sun rays and the waterdroplets of the waterfall. a few was added on the figure (i wanted to give it some glow, but the watercolour made it have some limits T_T)

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