1st Version W/different background (53 kb)

||Last one standing
Painter 6 (1st, 2nd version characters, 2nd version background),
Photoshop (background of 1st version and effects for 2nd version Samurai pic)
36 kb (shown image)||

My patience paid off in these ...versions of the samurai pic.
Honestly, I think the .....armor(the yellows) look like mangos that are cut up into fine cubes (haha)
The one shown above is the pic I had in mind. The 2nd one was finished first...but I planned to make different versions and compare.
But they're both too good that I can't make up my mind
The bodies don't look like bodies tho in the background (they're in pale highlights)
Sorrie for the confusion in the pic...obviously, there's some laziness shown in here