Neclordia | Painter 6, Photoshop 5.5 | 86.5 kb

I spent a good week to finish this up.
The hands were the hardest part but FARP has this REALLY good page about drawing hands. You better check it out!

I'm not too sure if I captured Neclordia very well......she's just one of those reoccurring enemies that you have to fight in random fights. But this here is one of her group attacks.
Makes a ball of energy and then thunder and lighting strikes the party.
So far....I really like how this turned out...I just think the lighting
around her arms and the ones away from the energy ball are kinda...... least the nervous pen did some good this time =P
And I need to improve on the hair >< I think the only part that looks ......perfect are the hands (lol)

The background is inside the Tinto Mines. That's where you'll encounter her.