Helios | Painter 6 (character), photoshop (effects)| 34.5 kb

This is a request fanart from a fellow board member Behemoth/Sophia. She loves RPG maker a lot ^^
She asked me if I could do a title image for her of a villian she made up called Helios

I like how this turned out...i only don't like the stiff left hand that i drew....=( (i was supposed to make it relaxed and all
....but how it became stiff is wat i dunno ><+ *toinks herself to practice more on hands*
...the shirt looks ...messed up....O_o;; howd that happen...maybe its the way I CGed it and the effects....grr...
Should have a better eye next time!!
But i learned alot when doing the cape.....all the nasty looking folds...i still need to improve on it tho
Anyways, Sophia I hope you'll like this ^^