Hanna | Coloured Pencils | 65.8 kb

This piece is Hanna the swordswoman from the Nameless Lands. I was planning to do a full body picture of her but the sketch I made was ruined with my watercolors T_T
I might redraw it with my tablet, print it out and colour it with my coloured pencils (I wish there's waterproof ink for the printers T_T)

After I ruined the full body sketch, I quickly sketched this out and tried again with watercolours but I failed again......so I redrew it again in watercolour paper and tried it out......it's a sucess but she looks like Julia Roberts in that one so I just scanned it, redrew, print and spent a good couple of hours colouring her.
I was having trouble with her skin cuz she has tanned skin but I managed.
The mouth looks a little out of place though......and I didn't want it THAT red!!

I'm not sure why I made her look somewhat angry....*tries harder with coloured pencils*