Longing for you | Open Canvas | 51.5 kb

Longing for you


This silver prison of mine
Encased in the depths of my soul
Where I can weep silently
Tears for who I long for
Who I prolly will never meet
In my lifetime

Yet I feel you
Soothing me with your
gentle voice
Gently stroking my hair
with your hand

A rose you give me
A rose…
A trinket from Mother Earth
A color that never exists in the world
of black and white
Thank you

Thank you for freeing me
from this prison
You have given me something
Something to appreciate life

Now I wish to meet you
Longing for you...


A poem I made to go with the picture... Not too poetic eh? =P
Pardon my french XD
I've forgotten all my french lessons already XD
It's for a contest at Canvas.fr.st ^^