Gallery 0f 2001

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Fanarts I've drawn are characters © to their respective game companies. If you wish to use them for your fansite, e-mail me first.

Original works

Pond Lily Rebirth
Witch Nightdweller Lilia
Nymph Girl dressed in funky clothes
Lost in the forest Girl
Female Basketball player Andee
Dancer in traditional clothes Tears
Argue Flowergirl

Faeries (mild nudity content)

Water Faerie Kid Faerie
Queen Faerie Red Faerie
Curious Faerie Dark Faerie
Frosty faerie

Fan Art

Gensosuikoden 2


Final Fantasy IV, V , VI, VII, VIII, IX, X)

Rydia and Shiva Faris
Faris and Shildra Relm and Stragos
Fuujin FF8 Girls
FF8 Guyrs Eiko
Eiko Dagger
Dagger Zidane Beatrix Rikku

Real life studies

Twinkle Twinkle